Selecting Text Books, Digital Materials and Accessibility

The following websites from the Affordable Learning Solutions Website from Open SUNY provides information on items to consider when selecting textbooks and digital materials and making sure they meet Section 508 standards to be accessible for all students regardless of any type of disability.

Assessing the Accessibility of Web 2.0 Tools Workshop

By Wendy Torres – OLC Innovate 2019 Workshop (Materials)

When using tools such as Cengage SAM, Pearson MyLabs, McGraw Hill Connect just to name a few, it is our responsibility as educators to make sure the web tools we use are accessible.  Wendy Torres’s presentation provides scorecards to evaluate Web 2.0 Tools for accessibility issues.  By completing these scorecards we can build an understanding on how to evaluate a web tool and make an educated decision if the tool can be used in our classrooms.

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