File Formats for Blackboard

Directions for Faculty:

When posting files in Blackboard for students to view/download it is highly recommended that you offer your students PDF versions. A PDF file is mobile friendly and students are able to view these documents on just about every device without additional downloads required.

Directions for Students Submitting Assignments in Bb:

In Blackboard it is recommended that you have your students submit their work using any of the following file formats; Word (DOC, DOCX), PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX), Excel (XLS, XLSX), and PDF (PDF).  If students submit RTF files you are required to download each assignment manually grade their work and send the file back to your students via email or another source.

If you change your instructions and tell your students to submit their work using the above file formats no download is required.  Blackboard has inline grading using Box features built into the system.  Faculty have the ability to grade, markup, and provide feedback to students from within Blackboard.  Here is a video on how to grade submitted assignments using the Inline grading feature.  I have also included the directions for students (below) on how to upload a file and what format they need to use.  This can be copied and pasted into your assignment. If you have any questions please let me know.

How to build an assignment in Bb
How do students upload and assignment (Video)
Online Learning Faculty Support Center – Bb Learn Resources tab

Here are instructions that you can copy and paste into your assignments:

When submitting your files for grading please make sure it is in the following format: doc, doxc, ppt, ppts, xls, xlsx, pdf.  Note: if you are using Open Office to complete your coursework make sure you save the file in one of these file formats.
If you need help uploading your assignment please watch this video.

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