How to Back Up Your Blackboard Content

Please back up your course(s).  This process is very simple and we recommend you download the back up to your computer.  I would also recommend you complete this process after making changes to your content, grading assignments, etc.

Video Instructions on how to backup your course.

To create a backup*:

  • Go to Package and Utilities menu item
  • Select Export/Archive Course menu item
  • Click on Export Package button
    • Note: Export creates a zip file of just course content. Archive also collects student data.

I would recommend performing both utilities and downloading both to your computer.

Under “File Attachments” select:

  • Course Files Default Directory
    Select – Copy links and include copies of the files in the course default directory
  • Files Outside of the Course Default Directory
    Select – Copy links and include copies of the files outside of the course default directory

Under “Course Materials”:

    • Click Select All button
    • Change Discussion Board to 
      • Include only the forums, with no starter posts
    • Click Submit Button

You will receive an email when once the backup is complete.

To Archive Course (Allows you to save the Grade Center)

  • While still in Export/Archive menu
  • Click Archive Course button
  • Turn on “Include Grade Center History”
  • Leave File Attachments as default
  • Click Submit

Download the exported/archived zip files to your computer:

  • Return to your course once the backup is complete and you received an email.
  • Go to Package and Utilities menu item
  • Click on Export/Archive Course menu item (If you stayed in the Export screen just hit refresh to view the zipped file)
  • Click on the Exportfile…zip  or the Archievefile…zip name not the arrow to the right.
  • Select Save and click OK. When using Chrome or Firefox the file will automatically save to the download folder on your computer.

Note: Do not use Internet Explorer for Blackboard it is not supported.


Creating a Backup of your Grade Center**

  • Goto Grade Center→ Full Grade Center→ Work Offline→ Download
  • Leave default settings to download the entire grade center
  • Submit → Download (Button) → Save File → OK

The file will automatically go to the Download folder if using Chrome or Firefox browsers.  You can open the file in Excel to view the grades.

** Learn how to do this by watching this video.


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