Prep New Semester Checklist

Download Checklist

1.      Copy content from a previous semester*Instructions /Video
2.      Rearrange Menu – Turn on/off itemsInstructions / Video
3.      Update Syllabus – Required Academic Affairs InfoInstructions / Recorded Session – Examples and Templates**
4.      Check course for duplicate or unwanted materials
Some content may be doubled due to content in the master shell.
Examples and How to Remove Them
5.      Check all links/URLs (Links to Google Docs have changes so make sure you double check ALL links in your courses)Things to check (Important semester updates)
6.      Update course scheduleHow to upload Your Schedule/Add Menu Link –
Examples and Templates**
7.      Check all dates (Available dates, due dates, etc.)Use Date Manager(Bb Help) / Instructions & Video
7b. Add Calendar to the course menu if setting due datesBb Help-Calendar / Add to Course Menu
8.      Check all files to make sure they are ADA Compliant – Use AllyTutorials/Video Help
9.      Make necessary updates to Grade Center (if used)How to Delete, Hide, Rearrange columns in the Grade Center/Video
10.  First Day/Instant Access – Course Materials Link in MenuInstructions
11.  Create, narrate, and upload a presentation video introductionInstructions
12.  Set opening announcement for first day of class or the first day the students are loadedExamplesCommunicating w/Students
13.  Email your students 1 week to 4 days before class starts with important information (Syllabus, schedule, required materials)ExamplesCommunicating w/Students
14.  Check Student Preview to make sure the course displays the correct content for the start of the semester.Bb Help/Student Preview

* If you are starting a new Online, Hybrid, Blended or Hyflex course you should start with one of the Online Learning Templates.  The templates can be found with instructions inside the Online Teaching Academy Optimizing Digital Learning (N2OL) course (video instructions/Step by Step Instructions).  For help please email

** To access any of the templates you must be logged into Blackboard.