Prep New Semester Checklist

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Prep New Semester

1.      Copy content from a previous semester*

Instructions /Video

2.      Rearrange Menu – Turn on/off items

Instructions / Video

3.      Update Syllabus – Required Academic Affairs Info

Instructions / Recorded SessionExamples and Templates**

4.      Check course for duplicate or unwanted materials
Some content may be doubled due to content in the master shell.

Examples and How to Remove Them

5.      Check all links/URLs

Things to check

6.      Update course schedule

How to upload Your Schedule/Add Menu Link
Examples and Templates**

7.      Check all dates (Available dates, due dates, etc.)

Use Date Manager(Bb Help) / Instructions & Video

7b. Add Calendar to the course menu if setting due dates

Bb Help-Calendar / Add to Course Menu

8.      Check all files to make sure they are ADA Compliant – Use Ally

Tutorials/Video Help

9.      Make necessary updates to Grade Center (if used)

How to Delete, Hide, Rearrange columns in the Grade Center/Video

10.  First Day/Instant Access – Course Materials Link in Menu


11.  Create, narrate, and upload a presentation video introduction


12.  Set opening announcement for first day of class or the first day the students are loaded

Examples, Communicating w/Students

13.  Email your students 1 week to 4 days before class starts with important information (Syllabus, schedule, required materials)

Examples, Communicating w/Students

14.  Check Student Preview to make sure the course displays the correct content for the start of the semester.

Bb Help/Student Preview



* If you are starting a new Online, Hybrid, or Blended course you should start with one of the Online Learning Templates.  The templates can be found with instructions inside the N2OL course (video instructions/Step by Step Instructions).  For help please email

** To access any of the templates you must be logged into Blackboard.