Item Analysis Using Rubrics in Blackboard

Many faculty have found that using rubrics for grading:
1. Provide students with a clear understanding of expectations.
2. Communicate specific and immediate feedback.
3. Provide faculty with impartial grading.

I would like to provide you with one more reason to use rubrics in Blackboard. The Rubric Evaluation Report provides faculty with an analysis to assess the outcome of an assignment/discussion. This report communicates the overall assessment as well as a breakdown by row within the rubric. If the rubric is built properly this report will allow faculty to evaluate student progress for course Student Learning Outcomes. (Example Report Below)

How to Run a Rubric Evaluation Report (Video)

A rubric evaluation report provides a comprehensive report of statistics for an item that you graded with a rubric. If you want to evaluate a rubric or its use in your course, you can run the report at any point in the grading process.

1. On the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and select Rubrics.
2. Access the rubric’s contextual menu and select View Associated Content.
3. If you already used an item for grading, a contextual menu is available next to the item’s name on the View All Items page. Point to the item’s contextual menu and select Rubric Evaluation Report.
4. On the Run Reports page, select a Format, Start Date, and End Date.
5. Click Submit.
6. If your school licenses content management, you may choose to Save to Content Collection. Otherwise, click Download Report to view the report or Run a new Report to change format or date criteria. Click OK to return to the main Rubrics page.

Rubric Reports

– Rubric Evaluation Report delivers three statistics about the rubric’s use in grading an item.
Rubric Overall Performance shows the average total score of all attempts scored using the rubric.
Rubric Analysis shows average scores, compared against the possible points, for each criterion.
Frequency Distribution shows the distribution of scores across each level of achievement.

Donna Simiele, eLearning Technology Support Coordinator

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Example of a Report:

Rubric Statistics Report pg 1

Rubric Statistics Report pg 2

Rubric Statistics Report pg 3

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