Mapping Student Learning Outcomes through Bb Smart Views

I have devised a way to use the Blackboard Learn Smart Views to analyze the student learning outcomes in a course.  By building a Smart View for each student learning outcome faculty can download the data and analyze student success for each semester.  Smart Views will copy from one semester to the next so they only need to be created one time.  At the end of each semester you will download each smart view to an Excel spreadsheet and use the calculation features to determine student success for each student learning outcome.

This forum for mapping will only work when each assignment is centered on 1 or 2 Student Learning Outcomes.  If you have tests that each individual question evaluates a SLO this method may not work for you.  You can select an assignment (column in the grade center) for more than one Smart View but if you are evaluating more than a couple of SLO per assignment I would choose a different method of evaluation.

Instructions on how to create and use Smart Views in Bb

Example spreadsheet of the Student Learning Outcomes

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