Donna Simiele Bio

Donna Simiele (3)

Donna Simiele has worked in the Online Learning Department at Niagara County Community College (NCCC) since 2010 and currently in the position of Online Learning Technology Support Coordinator and Instructional Designer. Also, Donna has been an adjunct faculty for the Business Education and Computer Information Science Departments at NCCC since 2002.  Donna graduated from NCCC, earning an A.S. Degree in Data Processing and later a B.S. Degree from Empire State College in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Education and Technology. In 2013 Donna achieved the SUNY Instructional Design Certificate and works with Open SUNY to provide Blackboard Migration Training to SUNY campuses across the state.

In 2015 Donna worked on an IITG Grant on Compliance. The grant produced a course checklist for ADA Compliance and interaction based on Middle States requirements. This checklist was used to evaluate all online courses to determine training needs at NCCC. All online courses were evaluated based on this checklist and results were complied. After analyzing the results the compliance team worked on the development of six 30 Minute Mentor Monday’s webinars along with one-on-one training and workshops for NCCC faculty.

Donna has also provided numerous workshops and presentations on online course development, web 2.0 tools, ANGEL/Blackboard, creating accessible content, online student success, and online course quality. Donna leads the NCCC Peer Review Project as an ongoing initiative to provide high quality online and hybrid courses to the NCCC community.


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