Course Development Timeline for New Online, Hybrid & Blended Courses

Course Development Timeline for New Online, Hybrid & Blended Courses

Teach/Mode: ____________ Course: ______________________________

Faculty: ______________________________

This document is between the Office of Online Learning and an individual faculty member developing a new online, hybrid or blended course. It is designed to communicate succinctly a framework for course development and delivery. It outlines the responsibilities, checkpoints and support for faculty when developing a section for online, hybrid or blended delivery.

Online = 100% Fully Online Course

Hybrid/Blended= Approximately 49% will be delivered via Online and the remaining 51% on campus

Online/Hybrid courses must be designed to meet the federal definition of credit hour or it’s equivalent as specified in the MSCHE Credit Hour Policy.  See SUNY Credit/Contact Hour policy and definitions.  Please note that students are provided this Online Learning Time Management calculator to estimate how many weekly hours should be spent on course work based on the number of credit hours and weeks of instruction.

Faculty member meets with the Coordinator of Online Learning to review…

___      Course Development Guideline document – review and sign.

  • Discuss and initial “Course Development Plan for New Online, Hybrid & Blended Courses” (Timeline can be found on page 5 of the NCCC Online Learning Guide for Teaching Online, Hybrid, or Blended)
  • Faculty building their first online, hybrid or blended course in BLACKBOARD are expected to attend all workshops (The OL staff will provide you a custom training plan based on your experience with Online Learning, the Blackboard Learn LMS, and technical skills)

___      Learning Management System and administration of courses

___       Time on Task – how to convert “seat time and home work ” to total learning time in online courses.

  • NCCC online, hybrid or blended sections are built using the Blackboard Learn -Learning Management System-You may choose to use other technologies for course content delivery, but students will be directed to BB Learn to get started and to obtain course communications, grades, and course information.
  • Local Online Learning staff and Open SUNY staff serve as administrators of the courses
  • Open SUNY support provides Helpdesk support for faculty and students (1-844-673-6786) or Open SUNY Help Desk Request
  • Faculty member builds course according to timeline in “Steps” outlined in the “Course Development Plan” document.

Develop Spring Deliver in Summer/Fall:

__        Course must be 50% complete

__        All instructional modules must be complete and submitted for full review – May 1st for Summer Delivery and Aug 15th for fall delivery

__        The course will be open for students the 1st day of the official semester, however students will have access to Blackboard prior to the start of the class and directed to participate in the NCCC Online Learning Student Success Orientation. The orientation will help students acclimate to the online learning environment, assess their readiness, learn how to navigate and use the tools in Blackboard Learn, and learn what resources are available for help and support .

I have received and understand the guidelines outlined above.

Faculty Signature: ______________________________          Date: ___________

I have reviewed the guidelines above with the faculty member.

Coordinator, Online Learning: _______________________ Date: ___________

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