eLearning 2016 Presentation (ITC)


eLearning 2016

Scottsdale, Arizona
February 14-17, 2016

Presenter: Donna Simiele – eLearning Technology Support Coordinator, Niagara County Community College

Tuesday, February 16th from 11:00 am – 11:45 pm & Webinar April 19 from 2-3pm

Refresh, Revise, and Comply: A New Approach to Course Quality
This presentation is a follow up and update from the quality review project presentation Lisa Dubuc from Niagara County Community College presented at eLearning 2013 in Orlando.  Lisa and I work together in eLearning, and since that presentation, there have been many changes to our quality review process over the last two years.  I would like to share our updates, improvements, and new rubrics and tools for ensuring compliance with ADA requirements and enhancing quality in our online and blended courses at NCCC.

As one of the 64 SUNY campuses, we had been guided through efforts of what was once called the SUNY Learning Network.  In 2014, The SUNY Learning Network transformed into Open SUNY, which resulted in the creation of the Center for Online Teaching Excellence (COTE).  Through this new center, the Open SUNY team along with input from many SUNY campuses launched a new course design rubric called Open SUNY COTE Quality Review Rubric (OSCQR).  OSCQR includes an additional rubric that specifically addresses ADA compliance.  In the spring of 2015, we received a small SUNY Instructional Technology grant to begin a compliance project.  Through this project, the NCCC eLearning department was able to review online courses for compliance with Middle States, HEOA, and ADA.  I would like to share our rubrics, compliance checklist, results, and new course refresh process created as a result of this grant opportunity.  Since the previous presentation by Lisa Dubuc, we’ve moved away from our modified Quality Matters rubric and since adopted the new Open SUNY COTE “OSCQR” rubric. We’ve also modified our course development and refresh processes as recommended through the new Open SUNY Center for Online Teaching Excellence.  I look forward to sharing all of these great OER with eLearning 2016 participants.




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