How to Communicate with Students in Brightspace

There are a few ways to communicate with your students in Brightspace; announcements and email/messages.  SUNY has set notification settings to send out any announcements posted in Brightspace to be emailed to the students T-Wolves college email accounts. 


This email feature in Brightspace is an internal tool that allows for two way private communication.  The students will receive the email within Brightspace but a email will automatically be sent to the students T-Wolves email address.  NOTE:  Students cannot reply to the emails that are sent from Brightspace to their college email.  Makes sure you let your students know that if they reply to an email or announcement forwarded from Brightspace you will not receive the email.

Video on how to use the email feature in Brightspace

Announcements (Public) – Recommended

This feature allows content to be saved in the course but also sent as an email to students.

  • Another advantage of using course announcements, new students can view important information that was posted before the end of Add/Drop.
  • A copy of the announcements are automatically sent to the students college email account.

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