Online Course Observation & Course Management Self-evaluation Guide

The Online Learning department is pleased to share the new Course Observation Guide for Online Courses at NCCC.  During the fall 2016 semester, Online Learning and OLTAC were tasked by the Academic Council to create a rubric or tool that can be used to guide online course observations.  Academic Council shared a rubric they use for face-to-face courses, but the rubric wasn’t a good fit for completing an observation of an online course.  OLTAC members participated in a professional development webinar to learn about resources used to support online course observations and we decided to adopt and adapt the Penn State Peer Review Course Observation Process and Guide to meet our needs.  OLTAC members adapted the document for NCCC to include our process and resources.

This is a narrative guide and makes use of the”Seven Principles for Good Practice in Higher Education.” The document is also an excellent tool to self-evaluate your online teaching practices.

You can view the PDF or Word versions of the Guide below.

Course Observation Guide for Online Courses at NCCCPDF

Course Observation Guide for Online Courses at NCCCDOC