Time on Task in Online Courses

Ensuring online courses meet the same “time per credit hour” as grounded courses

Courses delivered online are still required to meet the same “time per credit hour” standards as in the classroom as per the MSCHE credit hour policy and SUNY credit/contact policy and definitions.  In the following resource, you will learn how “time” in online courses works.  Since online courses don’t have “seat time” like grounded courses, it’s important that you and your students understand how much “time” it will take to complete the course.

Students at NCCC can estimate how much time a course should take them through the use of our Online Learning Time Management Estimator. 

Faculty should review the following resources learn how “time” in online courses work. The resources will provide information on how you can ensure your online courses require the same amount of learning and should equal the same amount of time per week as grounded courses.

Time on Task overview from the Learning Institute at R.I.T.

Time on Task expanded version PDF file from the Learning Institute at R.I.T.

Breaking Down Your Content and Estimating the Time of Completion with the Course Workload Estimator:

RICE/CTE has done research on the amount of time it will take to complete coursework. In their research, Elizabeth Barre and Justin Esarey have created a Course Workload Estimator. This calculates the time necessary for taking tests, reading, and writing assignments.