NCCC Quality Review Project – Approved Courses


Audrey Agnello             ACC116  Financial Accounting
Mark Bonacci                HUS101   Introduction Human Services
Mark Bonacci                HUS114   Introduction to Addictions (New SP23)
Mark Bonacci                HUS215   Substance Abuse Interventions
Robert Borgatti             DIG111    Introduction to Web Design
Beth Bradley                  LLC161    Library Research with Internet Application
Lynn Brochu                  HED201  Healthful Living
Suzanne Buffamanti   ENG102  Writing II & Intro To Lit
Larry Castellani           PHI149  Intro to Philosophy
Larry Castellani           PHI153  Morality, Law & Politi
Salvatore Caterina       CRJ103 Intro to Corrections (New SP23)
Cheryl Chunco             ACC117   Accounting Fundamentals for Management
Matthew Clarcq           HIS105   Western Civilization II
Amy Crockford            SLA 101 American Sign Language I (New SP23)
Loretta Driskel             CIS205  Principles of Computer Security
Lisa Dubuc                    DIG110   Introduction to Web Technology
Marilyn Fleishman     NUR105   Medication Simulation
James Goodrich         ART101 Art Appreciation
Michele Hamilton       EDU101 Into to Careers in Teach (New FA22)
Katherine Johnson      SOC270 Community Studies
Nancy Knechtel           ART137  Ancient to Gothic Art
Tad Krupa                     MAT164 Introduction to Statistics
Pam Lange                  AAC 042 Reading Foundations III (New SP23)
Catherine Locascio     ECO101  Macroeconomics
Catherine Locascio     ECO117  Personal Finance
Nick Locascio               BIO275 Intro Human Genetics
James Mezhir               CRJ110  Intro Principles of Security
James Mezhir               EMG180  Emergency Management Leadership
David Milazzo              MAT116 Precalculus Mathematics
Abby Mitchell              PHA250  General Pharmacology
Robert Morris              ENG101  Writing I
David Nemi                 BUS116  Principles of Sales (New FA22)
Cindy Oberjosh           SSC111  Gender, Sexuality & Culture
Cindy Oberjosh           AAC108  College Study Strategies
Cindy Oberjosh           HUS102  Human Services Intern I
Paul Ratka                   ECO101 Macroeconomics
Douglas Regan             EDU101 Intro to Careers in Teaching 
Michael Ryan               BUS117 Business Law I
Michael Ryan               BUS118 Business Law II
Elizabeth Sachs            LIT214 American Lit Since 1865
Laura Scaletta              PSY210 Lifespan Development Psychology
Laura Scaletta              PSY110 Introduction to Psychology
Laura Scarpelli             CIS205 Principals of Computer Security
Sal Sciandra                  MAT125 Applied Calculus I
Maria Sebastian           ENG102 Writing II
Sue Siegmann              BUS101 Organization & Management
Sue Siegmann              BUS103 Intro International Business (Hybrid)
Sue Siegmann              BUS113 Fundamentals Of Marketing
Sue Siegmann              BUS122 Small Business Management
Donna Simiele             OFT101 Keyboarding/WP Applications
Donna Simiele            CIS111  Intro to Word Processing
Debbie Sorrentino     CIS220 Visual Basic Programming
Debbie Sorrentino     CPS120 Computer Science I
Debbie Sorrentino     CPS130 Computer Science II
Debbie Sorrentino     CIS100 Intro to Computer Applications
Lori Townsend            BUS229 Business Communications
Lori Townsend            CIS100 Intro to Computer Applications
Bradley Wingert         MUS101 Music Appreciation

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