Hybrid/Blended Course Development Resources

Resources for Teaching Hybrid or Blended courses

Developing a Hybrid or Blended course is quite different than developing an online course.  If your planning on or in the process of creating a hybrid or blended course at NCCC, we highly recommend you make use of the Blended Learning Toolkit created by the University of Central Florida and the hybrid course development site from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. UCF and UWM are leaders in the development and delivery of blended learning and the two sites have excellent resources to help you plan, redesign, or create a hybrid/blended course.

Flip It: Lesson Planning PacketBarbi Honeycutt

Blended Learning Toolkit

Blended Learning Toolkit – Morning Blend

Blended Course – DIY project tasks

Hybrid Course Development Resources from UWM

7 Things You Should Know About Flipped Classrooms

Redesign Guide for your Blended Learning Course

Blended Learning Mix Map Guide and Template

Five Time-Saving Strategies for the Flipped Classroom (Faculty Focus)

NCCC Blended Learning Course Planning Sheet


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