Online Course Requirements for Quality and Compliance

Online Course Requirements for Quality and Compliance

The following two resources can be used to ensure you meet quality and compliance requirements:

  • Detailed SUNY Quality Standards Rubric called “OSCQR.”

Online Courses and the Online portion of a Hybrid or Blended courses need to include:

  • A welcome announcement on how to get started
  • A welcome from the professor
  • The syllabus/Course Information provided in a PDF and Word format (the PDF is so they can view it on a mobile device.
  • A course schedule that details the module dates and deadlines for all coursework. If Blended or Hybrid, provide details on when the course meets F2F or Live via Web Conferencing tools such as Zoom.
  • Must include regular and substantive interaction “RSI” to qualify as an online course as per Middle States and SUNY standards. Online courses have three types of interaction: student-to-student, student-to-instructor, and student-to-content. This can be accomplished through collaborative assignments, peer review, online discussion forums, etc.  (if you teach hybrid or blended this is accomplished via the live online web conference or in the classroom)
  • A variety of engaging activities/assignments to meet the course SLO’s. These activities, assessment, discussions, assignments should have staggered due dates throughout the learning module as to account for attendance. Student should need to submit something at least three times per week in a 15-week course. Adjust that accordingly for module or summer courses.
  • To meet the same Carnegie units as campus-based courses. (see the time on task resource located at the end of this document)
  • When possible, content should be categorized in folders per week to enhance the focus.
  • Consistent grading, content elements, and activity allow for the best student experience.
  • The gradebook should be created in a way that is easiest to understand from a student perspective, such as assignments that are attributed to categories.
  • Course materials are ADA compliant
  • The course should meet the SUNY Quality Standards as set forth by the OSCQR rubric.

Training and support are offered to help you meet these standards and compliance.  We are in the process of building a course in Brightspace.  At this time faculty have access to the Online Teaching Academy Course in Blackboard in the “no terms assigned” courses section until Dec 21, 2022.