Course Development Plan – Online, Hybrid, HyFlex & Blended Courses

Timeline for Course Development and Training

Based on your experience with fully online, hybrid or blended instruction, the O.L. staff will create an individual training plan for you.

*Course Development Partner = Lisa Dubuc or Donna Simiele

Meetings and Workshops/Content and Goals Dates
Spring Development with Summer Delivery Spring Development with Fall Delivery Fall Development with Spring Delivery
1. Orientation meeting or Consultation with OL Partner February February Late
2. Participate in the Online Teaching Academy (course development and course refresh training) and start working on the course    March/April March/April

or May/June

3. OL Course Development Partner completes an in-depth, final review of the new course using the OL course review checklist. August 1 – 10 August 1 – 10 Jan 5 – 10
4. Sign up for a Quality OSCQR Review after teaching the course for one semester Fall Spring Summer/Fall

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