ALLY_3D_ImageWhat is ALLY

ALLY is a revolutionary product that integrates seamlessly into the learning Management System and focuses on making digital course content more accessible.

Features of ALLY:

  1. Checks content for accessibility issues
  2. Generates alternative accessible file formats (e.g. Tagged PDF, HTML, Braille, and Audio)
  3. Gives students options when accessing course materials (e.g. download an audio MP4 file to listen to course materials)
  4. Provides faculty instructions – specific feedback on how to make digital content accessible

“California State University – Chico had many challenges to overcome in order to create a more inclusive learning experience. Collaboration and the right technology, including Blackboard Ally, made it possible for the institution to move up on the accessibility spectrum in record time.”

Why Does Accessibility Matter? (FACT2)

As educators, we build various teaching tools and information about our subject matter into our courses because we think it is important to our students’ learning. It follows that we would want all of our students, including those with disabilities, to have access to these tools, information and materials. In the United States, we are also governed by two federal laws that require program access and accessible courses: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. In New York, we are also bound by the accessibility guidelines pertaining to technology included within Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. As you create materials for your course, ensure that they are in line with these standards and guidelines. Conforming to these standards will benefit students with disabilities, and will help all of your students to access and use the content of your course.

When making course content accessible, it benefits all learners. We must create a path, so that all learners can succeed. There are ethical and pedagogical reasons why accessibility matters, but this is a reminder of the legal reasons why accessibility matters.