Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs & Simulations (Free):

  • ChemCollective – a collection of virtual labs, simulations and tutorials; plus a Google doc to show teachers how to adapt the site’s virtual labs for their classes.
  • OER Simulations and Virtual Labs A comprehensive list of OERs compiled by Arthur Lakes Library at the Colorado School of Mines.
  • OER Commons A database of open educational resources that can be filtered by subject or activity type, including interactive activities or simulations. Note: the activities will list their sharing permissions and some may require Flash (an application that was discontinued in early 2020).
  • Molecular Workbench A free and open-source software with hundreds of virtual labs for physics, biology, chemistry, and more.
  • Pearson LabBench for Biology – Meant to accompany the text, these virtual lab activities can be used as standalone accompaniments to your own text and instruction.
  • PBS NOVA Lab – A handful of interactive virtual labs including, but not limited to, cybersecurity, RNA, evolution, and renewable energy systems.
  • Penn State University Food Science Labs – Simple experiments and activities suitable for a range of ages–includes at-home experiments, activities, lesson plans, and other materials for students and teachers.
  • Autodesk Products – Autodesk offers students and educators one year of free access to products and services, renewable as long as you remain eligible. Access requires just a single, once yearly renewal (to confirm status as a student or educator).
  • PhET Math and Science Interactive Simulations – Engage students through intuitive, game-like activities — suitable for a number of ability levels with over 158 interactive simulations and 2364 teacher-submitted lessons.
  • Desmos Math Tools – Interactive activities for math classes – recent improvements to the site have improved accessibility for students with physical or cognitive disabilities.
  • SUNY OER OLI Partnership A number of OER courses and lab manuals available to SUNY.


Virtual Labs & Simulations (Cost):

  • Labster – Virtual lab simulations on a variety of science topics including chemistry, engineering, and animal genetics.
  • Open Learning Initiative (OLI) OLI is an online learning platform that combines an interactive textbook with online activities, assessments and simulations.
  • McGraw Hill Virtual Labs – A variety of virtual lab simulations that can standalone or be paried with a McGraw-Hill text book.