Learning about Blackboard Learn – Self-Paced Courses

Hello Everyone,

This week’s tip is in the form of homework.  If you have not attended any of the workshops provided as part of our Blackboard migration or just want to learn more about the tools available in Blackboard, Open SUNY has provided a set of self-paced courses for our faculty.

The two self-paced course include an Introduction and Intermediate to Blackboard Learn.  The Introduction to Blackboard Learn training course is design to prepare you to work within a hybrid course or web-enhanced course, but is not sufficient for creating a new fully online course. Intermediate Blackboard Learn training is the second training course offered for faculty new to Blackboard Learn, and it is recommended that you first complete the Introduction to Blackboard Learn course.  The intermediate course covers more advanced features of the Blackboard Learn system and is appropriate for any instructor teaching fully online, hybrid or web enhanced courses.

As faculty/staff you can self-enroll in either of these courses.  Links to these courses can be found on the home page of the NCCC Blackboard Faculty User Group or on the Resource & Policies tab under “Faculty Resources”.


Picture of Bb Resources Page


Once you have enrolled in a course it can be accessed from your course list on the My Institution page or Courses page.  You will be enrolled as a participant in each of these courses.  To practice any of the stills that you learn you can use one of your fall course shells.

If you have any questions about these courses please feel free to contact me.

Donna Simiele

About Donna Simiele

Currently working at Niagara County Community College as the eLearning Technology Support Coordinator. I am a graduate of Empire State College with a BS and completed a certificate in Instructional Design from SUNY.
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