Photosynth by Microsoft

Photosynth is a powerful set of tools for capturing and viewing the world in 3D. You can share your creations with your friends on Facebook, publish them to Bing, or embed them in your own blog or Web site. This is a free tool created for taking 2D images and transporting to 3D viewing.

Take a look at some of the examples at or About Photosynth

After just a few minutes of exploring this site I came up with several ideas on how current material could be used in your classes. You can also build your own images to use. For example: anatomy, history, art, robotics, computers, etc.

These a just a few I thought were interesting because you can zoom in/out and rotate the images:

For other “Tips of the Week” visit

Donna Simiele (3)Donna Simiele

About Donna Simiele

Currently working at Niagara County Community College as the eLearning Technology Support Coordinator. I am a graduate of Empire State College with a BS and completed a certificate in Instructional Design from SUNY.
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