Do Online Discussions Have a Place in On Campus Classes?

As a tip of the week I would like to share an article by the University of Oregon and their Teaching Effectiveness Program.  I decided to send this out to all faculty because of the success that has been seen in student engagement in online discussions. After reading this article you may decide to incorporate online discussions for assessment in your on campus classes.

Online discussions open the door for those student that never raise their hand in class or don’t want to open their mouths in class.  You might find that one of these students has a lot to offer in an online discussion! They might just surprise you if they have time to think about what they want to say or have time to research their ideas.

Donna Simiele
Niagara County Community College
eLearning Technology Support Coordinator

About Donna Simiele

Currently working at Niagara County Community College as the eLearning Technology Support Coordinator. I am a graduate of Empire State College with a BS and completed a certificate in Instructional Design from SUNY.
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