Course Design Standards

Effective Practices: Course Design

When creating or refreshing an online, hybrid, or blended course you want to follow these effective course design standards and we always want to design a course around the student learning outcomes. This is referred to as backward design.  In addition, our goal is to meet the course quality design and accessibility standards as outlined here in the SUNY Online OSCQR rubric.

OSCQR Rubric 

Online Course Planning Template 

Regular & Substantive “RSI” Federal Dept. of Education Requirements for Distance Education

Backward Design

Backward Design Info Graphic

Backward Design Resources:

Mcdaniel, Rhett. “Understanding by Design.” Vanderbilt University, Vanderbilt University, 8 July 2020,

“Course Design & Development Tutorial.” Course Design & Development Tutorial – CUNY School of Professional Studies, Office of Faculty Development and Instructional Technology,

1 Response to Course Design Standards

  1. Ian Stapley says:

    Backward Design is a useful means of re-thinking how to plan a course. The question about a course’s “Center Goal” is a clear guide for revamping assignments, organizing them in an explicit sequence, and assessing student’s work.

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