Good practice respects diverse talents and ways of learning

This month we are highlighting Principal 7: Good practice respects diverse talents and ways of learning. I recommend that you take a few minutes this week to learn about UDL (Universal Design Learning).  UDL allows educators to provide a spectrum of activities, assignments, and assessments that can increase opportunities for all facets of learners.

Here are some resources that I highly recommend:

Faculty Focus Article – UDL: A Systematic Approach to Supporting Diverse Learners
TOEP – Web 2.0 Accessibility Discovery Resources
Magna Commons*

Universal Design for Learning: How to Improve Satisfaction and Retention for Students at All Learning Levels
Using Universal Design to Support All Online Students

Atomic Learning* Learning Styles

* Must log into Blackboard to view Magna Commons and Atomic Learning content.


About Donna Simiele

Currently working at Niagara County Community College as the eLearning Technology Support Coordinator. I am a graduate of Empire State College with a BS and completed a certificate in Instructional Design from SUNY.
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