Good Practice Communicates High Expectations

This month eLearning at NCCC will continue providing training and workshops to support our online course observation and effective online teaching guide by providing resources and workshops to support Principle #6.  Principle #6 is “Good practice communicates high expectations.”

With this principle, effective instructors have high, but reasonable, expectations for their students.  They clearly communicate those expectations and provide support to their students in their efforts to meet those expectations. In an online course you can communicate high expectations through the following:

  • Explicit communication of the skills and knowledge every student needs to have in order to be successful in the course.
  • Explanation of course learning goals and student learning outcomes, and how the assignments are designed to help students achieve those goals.
  • Frequent feedback provided to students through written explanations or narrated screencasts that provide detailed feedback on assignments and other course activities.
  • Motivation and encouragement that inspires students to move past the easy answers to more complex solutions.
  • Routine use of critical and probing questions when communicating with students about course assignments and activities.
  • Examples of high and low quality work, along with a discussion of the differences between these.
  • Examples of student work that demonstrate advancement toward learning goals

We curated some great resources to support this principle and they include:

Online Assessment Techniques (OATs)

Exploring the Advantages of Rubric

Rubric Resources from NCCC eLearning Blog

5 Ways to Help Students Succeed in Online Courses

Screencasting Feedback and More from the NCCC eLearning Faculty Support Blog

SUNY Tools of Engagement Discovery Resource on Screencasting

Grading with Voice on an iPad

In addition, we’re holding some workshops and drop-in clinics focusing on the Blackboard Grade Center, Setting up Rubrics in Blackboard, Screencasting feedback, and more.  View our eLearning event calendar for dates and times.


About NCCC Online Learning

I have been helping faculty develop quality courses for delivery online for over 25 years. My online teaching experience includes both online at the undergraduate and graduate level and have created and delivered numerous workshops focusing on the pedagogy of teaching online and strategies to support student success. I hold an M.S. ED in Educational Computing and have proudly worked at SUNY-Niagara County Community College for the last 25 years.
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