NCCC Quality Review Project

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About the NCCC Quality Review Project

  • The NCCC Quality Review process is a faculty-driven, collegial course design review process. The rubric does not evaluate the faculty member or the faculty member’s content expertise.
  • The review is driven by an adapted version of the Quality Matters™ rubric, a detailed and annotated document based on research literature and national standards.
  • This project will help NCCC maintain and enhance the quality of its online courses through a process of continuous improvement.
  • This review process is not a part of NCCC’s faculty evaluation process. It evaluates the online course itself. The reviewers evaluate the course before it goes live so that the focus is on the course design, not the faculty member or how the course is run.
  • The review process is completely voluntary.

 What is the NCCC’s Course Design Review Process?

1. The interested faculty member requests a copy of the NCCC course design standards rubric from the Electronic Learning Coordinator. This rubric guides the review.

2. When the course is ready for review, the faculty member requests a course design review.

3. Two QM-trained peer reviewers, members of NCCC’s faculty, use the rubric to review the course design. They communicate with the instructor as needed during this process (approximately three weeks).

4. Peer reviewers offer suggestions and recommendations for enhancements to the course design.

5. The faculty member reviews the suggestions, determines what modifications to make, and may request that peer reviewers look over a revision of the course.

6. A course meets NCCC Quality design expectations when reviewers answer “Yes” to all 3-point essential standards and earn 85 or more points on the overall standards, all of which are given in the rubric. Our goal is to assist faculty in this process.

7. The faculty member receives recognition that the course was Peer Reviewed – Quality Design Assured with a Quality Assured NCCC Certificate.

 Why have your course reviewed?

  • Improve the design of your online courses as a way to increase student learning, success, and retention.
  • Gain new ideas for structuring and teaching your course.
  • Build a network with other online faculty.
  • Learn, grow, and excel at teaching eLearning courses.
  • Receive recognition that your course was Peer Reviewed — Quality Designed Assured Certificate.
  • Show your commitment to continuous instructional improvement.

If you would like your course reviewed or interested in become a reviewer , please contact Donna Simiele or Lisa Dubuc in elearning.

About NCCC Online Learning

I have been helping faculty develop quality courses for delivery online for over 25 years. My online teaching experience includes both online at the undergraduate and graduate level and have created and delivered numerous workshops focusing on the pedagogy of teaching online and strategies to support student success. I hold an M.S. ED in Educational Computing and have proudly worked at SUNY-Niagara County Community College for the last 25 years.
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